Welcome to your empire!

Lead the construction of a prosperous city during a time of great discoveries and scientific revolution. Create a metropolis where guilds of scholars and craftsmen work together to generate innovative and creative ideas, blending science and art seamlessly.

Amazing Match-3 puzzles!

Become the king (or queen) of these lands, and expand your city while you face challenging puzzles and discover an exciting story. Every decision you make will influence the future of your reign, so you will have to carefully manage your resources and produce crops to get more materials for your city.

Evolve and expand your city

You will have the opportunity to evolve your city from its humble beginnings into a thriving empire. At the start of the game, you’ll have a small city on your hands, but as you collect resources and combine tiles in exciting Match-3 puzzles, you’ll be able to construct new buildings and upgrade existing ones.

Trade and sale!

Build wealth by trading, manufacture higher quality products by solving incredible Match-3 puzzles, and sell your production to neighboring cities. As you collect resources and produce goods, your adventure will become more complicated!

Create guilds and collect special items!

With inventions and special items you can unlock achievements and expand your city, there are hundreds of items that will give you huge advantages in Match-3 puzzles and trade with other cities.
Collect the cards of all the guilds of sages, craftsmen and workers to settle in your city and make it prosper even more – take advantage of the benefits that each new guild will bring you!

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